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About Us


Scandica is a premium quality knitwear using technically sophisticated technologies: openwork, braids, jacquard in a classic and modern interpretation. The company was founded in 2009 with participation of graduates and teachers of the St.Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design, Russia. Scandica today is a recognizable Russian brand that has gained its popularity due to its attention to individual, even the smallest details, because the quality of their processing directly affects how perfect the finished product will be.


Our production is located in St.Petersburg, Russia, and is equipped with the most modern and technically sophisticated knitting machines for the successful use of advanced technology in the production of knitwear and accessories. We use only high quality yarns, mainly from Italian manufacturers, which are as comfortable to use and care as possible. All of our models can be washed in the washing machine if certain conditions are met.


Using modern technologies, we have created a unique product in which ergonomic designs, lightness and comfort meet centuries-old traditions. Scandica is a quality and practical knitwear with classic and modern jacquard designs and three-dimensional structures in scandinavian-style.

Taking care of You

Your comfort when shopping online is important to us. So each clothing model has a Size guide with measurements of product length and width, sleeve length and width - to help you choose your size. We offer a large number of sizes for each model so that you can easily find the size that is perfect for you.

Distribution in North America

Scandica trademark is registered in the USA, Reg. No. 6,219,068. All brand products are exclusively imported and distributed in North America by O. Monastyrnykh, Sole proprietorship, Penyaginskaya ul. d.10, kv. 8., Moscow, 125222, Russian Federation.